Capture the Learning

Document the child’s development with
unlimited Photos – Videos – Notes – Audio

Organize Instantly

Automatically file learning moments

Simplify Assessment

Encourage Deeper
Learning and Reflection

Use filters to instantly browse work from the entire class or for a single child.

Search and filter documentation by child project, skills dates or keywords.

One-Click Reporting

See what skills are assessed and
which remain.

Use emerging trends to inform your lesson planning.

Increase Family

Reduce email overload by instantly sharing images, videos and resources in the family app.

Invite collaboration by writing notes and receiving comments.

Stories from Educators

“ChildFolio is just incredible! It is amazing how easy this application makes it for teachers to keep track of their students development and have wonderful memories to share with parents, the best part of this is how many trees are being saved by paper reduction.”

“I love that the children are given access as well because it gives them a sense of independence and importance – it’s a great tool to allow children to reflect back on prior activities. I really like that this tool brings teachers and families into a closer community by sharing daily updates of how the child is doing in school. The polygon is incredible as well because it’s so easy on the eye to see where the progress of each child is. I really love this app. And I think every teacher should have access to ChildFolio.”

“I don’t even know where to start! The flexibility of ChildFolio and the collaborative/sharing opportunities are wonderfully implemented, particularly allowing for teacher-only comments, sharing with families, and authorizing comments. It’s very well- designed visually – intuitive, non-intimidating and clean. The inclusion of DRDP measure descriptions is immensely useful. The tagging capabilities… so well done!”

Authentic assessment tool designed specifically for early educators