Authentic Assessment and Digital Portfolio

Seamless assessment and reporting
for early childhood educators

Why We Do What We Do

Because each child is unique, capable and deserves us to see his complex learning story instead of just a simple data point. Because the environment influences how a child approaches learning, and assessment should allow us to compare how a child’s math performance changes when sitting at a table inside versus playing outside in the dirt. Because each child has different interests, and assessment needs to organically expand with the child’s emerging projects and independent discovery over time. 

Our mission is to reimagine the possibility of how we use assessment to see the child’s strengths, curiosity and connection with the surrounding environment, so that we can design our spaces, routines and activities to support every child’s ongoing growth in the classroom and at home.

Childfolio Stories


“This is my first time to use ChildFolio and I really like it because I can go back and change dates and times on children’s pictures and notes. I am learning so much and enjoy using it!”


“I love the clicking on a child’s image and instantly seeing her portfolio of work samples, videos and photos. I can sort it quickly to see all of her Math or Literacy work!”


“Like most parents, I feel like I am always short on time. With ChildFolio, I can see what my child did today and even hear his own voice! I can see how he is learning and then write a note or question to the teacher- even his grandparents can chime in! We love it!”


  • ChildFolio is very easy to use and it is not time-consuming...I love the fact that I can see our student’s observations without going to their school site or classroom. Everything is at my fingertips as an administrator.

    Latashia Kelly Full-Day Child Development Coordinator, San Bernadino City, CA
  • ChildFolio is mind blowing! Definitely technology taking action for the next level of DRDP! Very useful and definitely easy to use since it is so similar to social media. Great idea - I especially loved the scanning to sign in.

  • What a fantastic way to incorporate tech to make the DRDP more accessible and understandable. Many classrooms have a tablet so this app is in the best way to reach most classrooms.

  • I love that teachers are able to quickly assess children and that the app is adjustable to specific learning philosophies.

  • The easy to use interface is so incredibly important especially in early education. I love that it can be used across multiple assessments and not just one. It is incredible and a valuable asset to many programs.

  • ChildFolio intrigues me because it has been carefully crafted to be a digital assessment tool...another means for educators and parents to build upon their relationship for the purpose of their child’s development.

  • Here’s what excites me about ChildFolio: the ability of parents enjoying taking their children out for errands! I also love the summary of documentations which helps teachers focus on creating activities that don’t necessarily need paper based/tangible products. This is a very fun app that invite children to be proud of their work!

  • I am excited about quickly sharing learning moments with parents while in the moment of the learning experience.

  • I don’t even know where to start! The flexibility of ChildFolio and the collaborative/sharing opportunities are wonderfully implemented, particularly allowing for teacher-only comments, sharing with families, and authorizing comments. It’s very well- designed visually – intuitive, non-intimidating and clean. The inclusion of DRDP measure descriptions is immensely useful. The tagging capabilities… so well done!